Cari Rauch

The Solution to Feeling Stuck

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“Feeling stuck in life” - it’s a common theme I hear a lot with my clients.  In fact I’ve said it myself from time to time.    It’s a weird mix of feelings that come from not enjoying certain areas or all areas of your life and not knowing what to do change it.    To our [...]

Simple Steps to Stop Stress

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Instead of focusing on stress, I'm going to talk about "Being Present" (there's a connection).   For myself, being in the present moment doesn't come naturally to me because I'm a dreamer so I tend to be in future a lot of the time. However, not all of that time that I spend focusing on [...]

How to Choose Faith over Fear

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The concept of faith has always been something that has been a mystery to me.   I never really understood it and in someways I have struggled trying to figure it out.    Now, fear on the other hand is something I totally understand and in many ways it just comes naturally to me.   [...]

How to “Not Care” What Others Think of You

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Just stop caring what others think about you is a popular thing that gets thrown around when you are trying to change your life.   It gets put out there as if we all know exactly how to do it.   It sounds particularly easy - we just don't care right?  However, for someone (I [...]