Cari Rauch

Discover Your Value

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How much do you think you and your life are worth?  How valuable do you think you are?   These are some pretty challenging and provocative questions.   Even though we might not think about it in the way the questions are asked, for most of us we tend to have some wired programming of "I'm [...]


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WILD is Women in Leadership Development and they are having a conference Sept 18.   I will be speaking on The Secret to a Flippin Good Life.   Below is the interview I did about life coaching and about what I will be talking about.   If you're interested in the event click here to [...]

We have a Superpower & Don’t even Know It

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When I was young I thought it would be so cool to have a superpower.   Being able to do something so amazing and incredible was fascinating.   I liked Wonder Women because she didn't just have one superpower - she had many.   Growing up I never realized that we all have a superpower [...]

A Simple Game that’s Life Changing

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I never knew a simple game could change my life until I played it.    The reason I came up with this game was because one day I really needed to run errands and get some shopping done even though I didn't really want to.   I'm not a fan of being around a lot [...]

The Solution to Feeling Stuck

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“Feeling stuck in life” - it’s a common theme I hear a lot with my clients.  In fact I’ve said it myself from time to time.    It’s a weird mix of feelings that come from not enjoying certain areas or all areas of your life and not knowing what to do change it.    To our [...]