Cari Rauch

You have a Superpower & Don’t even Know It

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When I was young I thought it would be so cool to have a superpower.   Being able to do something so amazing and incredible was fascinating.   I liked Wonder Women because she didn't just have one superpower - she had many.   Growing up I never realized that we all have a superpower [...]

A Simple Game that’s Life Changing

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I never knew a simple game could change my life until I played it.    The reason I came up with this game was because one day I really needed to run errands and get some shopping done even though I didn't really want to.   I'm not a fan of being around a lot [...]

The Solution to Feeling Stuck

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“Feeling stuck in life” - it’s a common theme I hear a lot with my clients.  In fact I’ve said it myself from time to time.    It’s a weird mix of feelings that come from not enjoying certain areas or all areas of your life and not knowing what to do change it.    To our [...]

Simple Steps to Stop Stress

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Instead of focusing on stress, I'm going to talk about "Being Present" (there's a connection).   For myself, being in the present moment doesn't come naturally to me because I'm a dreamer so I tend to be in future a lot of the time. However, not all of that time that I spend focusing on [...]