Cari Rauch
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I used to think this was some sort of airy, fairy concept – fall in love with life.   I never really understood what it meant.   I think a lot of us don’t really take the time to explore what love is, what it means to us, and what it looks like for us and our lives.   We tend to rely on what we’ve been taught growing up or what the media portrays instead of truly figuring it out and deciding for ourselves.

True Adventure

We spend a lot of time focusing on our fears and worries trying to overcome and stop them along with trying to fix ourselves and our lives which seems to keep us stuck in the same cycle.  Instead I suggest we spend our time focusing on what we truly want in life like more love.

So that is why I created the “Fall in Love with Life” series. I wanted to explore and experiment in order to learn, discover, and incorporate more of what we are truly wanting in our lives including love. So figuring out how to fall in love with life is actually easier than you might think, but a big part of it is about your mindset. However, this is about having fun and learning to live life on your own terms and discovering what loving your life looks like for you.

Love ride
So this is a FREE series with simple and easy experiments for Six days .   Each day there will be an experiment to jump into and play with to uncover how and what falling in love with life looks like for you.
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