Cari Rauch

Love & Appreciation


“You have completely turned my life around.”

 “Cari is an excellent coach.   She guided and helped me so much along my way over a year and a half and I appreciate the time and effort she gave me.  Cari is so authentic which is why I liked her coaching.   Cari always went the “extra mile” for  me (meaning she made sure I understood and would send me helpful articles to read).  Cari was more about “me” than anything else!  She is a remarkable woman.”  

“Thank you so much for helping me make this mental shift, I am indebted to you.”

“Cari is a gifted coach.  No matter what the topic, issue or problem, I always feel calmer, clearer, energized and empowered after our sessions.  Cari draws from a wide variety of skills and expertise and has a unique way of looking at things.  Cari’s warm, authentic and straightforward style allows me to explore and get to the bottom of what is keeping me stumped.  As a solopreneur, her support and guidance has been invaluable in getting my business up and running. Because of our coaching, I’ve experienced major shifts and enjoy my life so much more.  I feel truly lucky to have Cari on my team.”  

“I love the way you explained this.  Your confidence is amazing and awesome.”

 “Thoughtful. Kind. Wise. Hire her and enjoy.”          

 “Cari is amazing. Her wise and soulful energy coupled with masterful coaching skills can help anyone get unstuck and blossom. Hire Cari and fasten your seatbelt – it’s going to be an eye-opening ride!”  

“And get this – I just wanted to share this because it feels like one of the ultimate compliments I can give anyone …  I just went to go file this note in the “never to be deleted super valuable you’ll be reading/sharing again” folder. Not many people make it into THAT folder!! :)”

“You are so amazing and magical, everyone needs to get coaching from you.”

“You are a blessing.  Thank you for your time, energy, and support. Thank you for assisting me to have the aha of what my thoughts have been creating because of the fight and flight I was in. Thanks you for keys I think will really help me moment to moment to enjoy the journey once again.  I love the choosing who I want to be and how I want to feel! EmPowerment :)

“You never cease to amaze me with your wisdom and your complete and total lovingness.”

“Thank you for reminding me to refocus, much appreciated.” 

“You’ve been an inspiration to me and I simply want to THANK YOU! I will be following you, and learning from you!”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your articles and your newsletter. Sometimes it’s almost strange how you write exactly about what I need to hear. :)   So thank you for the inspiration, I appreciate it!”  

“Of course if I ever want a great coach, I know where to find one.  YOU!”

“I feel like I have excelled in several areas of my life-professionally, with family, and friendships by utilizing skills Cari shared with me.  It has helped me in difficult situations to stop and reflect, speaking my mind with openness to both views, prior I would either shut down due to frustration or inability to express/see both sides at times.  I feel I have become more confident, learned how to express my thoughts and feelings more proficiently.”

“Thank you for your inspiring work that is a pleasure to read.”

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions with Cari and I apply the techniques we discussed on a daily basis.  I make a conscious effort to be aware of my thoughts now more than ever and Cari helped me increase my self-awareness.  I was really impacted by Cari’s insight on reward and punishment and literally since that day I have made choices on doing things that I wanted to do without thinking about it in those terms.”  

“Thank you so much for the wonderful replies, Cari. I appreciate the reminders that I’m in control of my thoughts and feelings – that I get to choose! – and that taking the next step – whatever it is – can be small and fun and easy! Thank you for the really helpful input!”

 “I’ve enjoyed getting to know Cari as a person and a coach. Cari has helped me stretch my thinking.  A lot of coaches speak/teach about goals, time management, organization, etc. Cari’s approach of managing your mind has been very helpful to me.  I recommend Cari to others who may be interested in a change of sorts and for those who may not realize what change may occur, with learning how to manage their minds.”