Cari Rauch

A Simple Game that’s Life Changing

I never knew a simple game could change my life until I played it.    The reason I came up with this game was because one day I really needed to run errands and get some shopping done even though I didn’t really want to.   I’m not a fan of being around a lot of people especially shopping in stores with carts, kids, people on their phones, etc.   I prefer to go shopping when the stores are pretty empty; however, sometimes I don’t plan or something comes up and I end up needing to go during busy times.  

So I decided that I’d rather feel good about this experience.  I realized that part of the reason I don’t enjoy these trips is because my mind can be so judgmental of others.   My mind tends pick out the things I don’t like such as they’re so noisy, rude, and then somehow it starts spiraling into judging how they look (I’m not a saint and neither is my mind).   So instead I came up with this game to change what my mind focuses on.

I decided that every person I came in contact with I was going to find something I loved about them.   Now in the beginning this was very challenging but the more I did it, the more fun it became and the better I felt.   I have even come home thinking I want to go out again the next day just so I can play this game because I felt so good (which shocked even me since I know how much I have loathed it in the past).

Game Changer


Here’s how to play the game:  

  • Decide that every person or if it’s super busy every person you look at – you are going to find something you love about them.   If that’s too hard you can go for what you like about them.   This can be a wide range of things from a clothing item (the style, color, fit), their hair (color, style), smile, skin, eyes, their walk, their essence, their character, etc.  
  • Mentally say “I love…..” (examples:  I love her smile, I love his stride, I love her scarf, I love her hair color, I love her confidence, I love her glowing skin, I love her funny hat, I love her bold style.)
  • See how creative you can be – I sometimes will say that I love their humaness or  I love their ability to go out and get what they want.  

The more you play this game the easier it will get and the more you will want to do it (I promise).   Try it the next time you need to go out especially if you aren’t in the mood to – it will be a life changer.

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