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Simple Steps to Incorporate More Joy to Your Life – Part 2

This is the second part of the series on adding more joy to your life.   In part 1, we figured out what joy means to us and described it in detail.   If you haven’t gone through and discovered this for yourself, head over here.

Here’s are the steps to incorporate more joy into your life:

  1. Learn to be Present.   Joy is experienced in the present moment, so it’s essential to learn how to be in the present moment.   There are many ways to do this, check out a prior post Simple Steps to Stop Stress (this is my favorite method), meditate, have a catch phrase like “I’m here” to say to remind yourself to come back to the present, or use a rubber band and snap it any time you notice you’ve drifted off.
  2. Create Space.   In order to allow more joy into our lives, there needs to be space not only in our minds (learning to be present) but also in our schedules and environments.   Start clearing out time so that you can add things in that bring you joy.  This doesn’t need to be large amounts of time (although having this is beneficial too).   It can be simple as setting a timer that every 50 minutes during the day you set aside 10 minutes to incorporate joy.   I recommend creating space daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to add more joy.   Also start cleaning out your environment – your home, car, office, and any other space you live in – let go of things you don’t love or want in your life.  
  3. Slow down.   When we are rushed, in a hurry, or multitask, we lose the opportunity to invite joy in to every activity we are doing.   Most of us spend so much time trying to get more and more done, that even when we do accomplish things we never get to enjoy the rewards and it certainly doesn’t make the journey/process an enjoyable one.   Slowing down looks like scheduling less, focusing on one thing at a time, taking our time, changing our relationship with how we view time,  and listening to ourselves as to what feels good.
  4. Learn the Art of Savoring.   Once we’ve learned to slow down, that’s when we can start to savor.   This is when we are able to notice those things/feelings/sounds/smells that bring us joy and truly be able to experience it.   This can be as simple as taking three deep breathes every time we eat and reminding ourselves to indulge in the taste.   During the experience, describing what we love about it, how it feels, what we are truly enjoying about it in our minds helps us to savor the goodness.
  5. Celebrate.   Create a joy list from your items you listed in Part 1 and throw mini celebrations of joy through each day, month and year.   A celebration can be as easy and simple as stopping to smell the lilacs. 

Just like our joy lists are going to be just as unique as we are, so is how we incorporate more joy into your lives.   Finding your sweet spots and levels of joy is going to widely vary from person to person.  So follow what feels good and sounds like fun because that’s what adding more joy to our lives is all about. 

Add More Joy

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