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Simple Steps to Discover Your True Joy – Part 1

Most of us would love to have more joy in our lives but we tend to not know how.   A lot of the information on joy and how to add more of it to our life tend to be just lists of things to do.   For myself I noticed that a lot of things that are suggested don’t necessary bring me joy.   So I’ve always felt like something was missing.   This is when I realized that just like each of us is an unique individual, we each have our own idea of what joy is and also different things that bring us joy.

So in order to figure out how to add more joy into our lives, we first need to start with what does joy exactly mean to us.   Some of the dictionary definitions of joy are a feeling or state of great happiness, to take great pleasure, to fill with ecstatic happiness, pleasure, or satisfaction, and to enjoy.  

 So with that here are the steps to figuring out what joy means to you.

  1. Define it for yourself.   If you were writing a definition of joy, what would it be?  For myself, Joy is a state of being that is comprised of a multitude of feelings experienced through interacting with life.
  2. Describe what it feels like.   What feelings come to mind?  What does it actually feel like in your body?  What do you experience when you are feeling joy?   For myself, the feelings of excitement, happiness, fun, pleasure, love, and satisfaction come to mind.   It can feel like relaxation, bubbles floating around in my body, warmth, tingles up and down my body, or waves of energy running through my body.  
  3. Describe what it sounds like.  What certain things do you hear that bring you joy?  For myself, a cat purring, the sounds of waves on the ocean, a great song that makes me want to get up and dance, hearing I love you, peace and quiet, laughter, a light rain fall, the crunch of fall leaves when jumping and walking in them, etc ( I could go on and on).
  4. Describe what it smells like.   What scents bring you joy?  For myself, bread baking, anything apple and/or cinnamon, a wood fireplace, lavender, puppy breathe, pumpkin pie spices, cookies baking, etc..
  5. Describe what it looks like?   What experiences or things when you see them bring you joy?  For myself, a dog excited & wagging it’s tail when it sees you, a beautiful sunset, gorgeous scenery, pictures of beautiful things, bright and colorful fall leaves, light and big snowflakes falling straight down, watching animals play,laughing with friends, eating a wonderful meal with family, play or petting animals, etc..

Take some time and really dig deep into these items and in the next post we will be adding some techniques along with your list above to incorporate them into your life.

Add More Joy to Your Life

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