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Simple Steps to Feel Good in the Morning

My mornings used to rarely ever started well for me – my alarm would go off and I would hit the snooze as many times as I could until I would realize that I hit it too many times and then I had get up and rush to get ready so that I would not be late.   I always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t need an alarm and would wake up happy and excited to start the day.   Instead most of my mornings I would wake up dreading and not wanting to get out of bed.   I always thought I just wasn’t a morning person until I started researching the mind and discovered I had just created the way I wake up into a habit – one that didn’t feel good.   So I realized I needed to create a new habit to starting my day – one that felt better.   So I started experimenting and discovered a solution – I call it the Morning Glow.   See the simple steps below:

The Morning Glow – Retreat, Reflect, Refresh, Repeat

It a simple 4 step process that only takes a few minutes in the morning. 

Step One – Retreat

·    Retreat into your body – Stretch, Take a Deep Breathe and Feel your Heartbeat.   This brings you into the present moment and quiets your mind.    Once the alarm goes off – stay in bed and stretch your body, then take a nice deep breathe and feel your heart beating in your body.  Once you feel your heart beating throughout your body move to step two.

Step Two – Reflect

·    Reflect on your day ahead – Say one thing/activity that you are excited about today out loud and smile.   “I’m excited about …………. today.”   This doesn’t have to be anything big – it can be a new piece of clothing you’re going to wear, lunch with a friend, favorite TV show, a date, your morning tea, your job, a walk outside, etc.  If you can’t think of something then decide that you will add something (or take away) that you are excited about – taking time to read, taking a bath, call an old friend, buy some fresh flowers, get a massage, take time off from work, take a mini break during your day.  It also needs to be something you are genuinely excited about this isn’t about forcing yourself to be excited.   Once you said one thing & feel excited move to the next step.

Step Three – Refresh

·     Refresh your mind – List one thing/person/activity you are grateful for that will be in your life today out loud and smile.   “I’m grateful for ………… today.”   Try and make it something other than what you are excited about.   It can be as simple as you are grateful for another day, grateful for hot water, food in your fridge, your family or friends, your animals, etc.   Once you’ve said one thing & feel grateful move on to the next step.

Step Four – Repeat

·    Repeat the first three step until you feel excited/joyful/happy/peaceful/filled with love about your day and you’re ready to get up.    I recommend at least 2 to 3 rounds but experiment and see what works for you.  

Since like all habits it takes a while to get this down – so practice it every morning as much as possible.   It should only take you a few minutes complete and makes a world of a difference on how your day goes.  There will be mornings you will forget  so add a reminder in your phone or leave a note by your alarm clock.   When you are excited and grateful for your day you will begin to glow.  

I’d love to hear what kind of routines you have to start your day off feeling good  – head over to Facebook and share your routines.

Morning Glow

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