Cari Rauch

Not the Conventional Positive Thinking

Most everyone knows about positive thinking – it’s talked about everywhere and there is so much information on how to incorporate it into your life.   Some people tend to view positive thinking to being like Pollyanna who was just always positive not really living in reality and kind of annoying.   Some people tend to view positive thinking as a joke like Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live who used to say to himself in a mirror “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough.  And doggone it, people like me.”    There so much information out there about positive thinking that we tend to have limiting and judgmental views about it.   That’s why I focus on Powerful Thinking.   

Powerful Thinking

Our minds are incredibly powerful and great at making up stories in a lot of detail; however, most of it contains a lot of drama and chaos which doesn’t tend to feel too good.   These stories are based on our beliefs we hold and our past experiences.   What our minds tend to do is to take a fact, event or circumstance (which is a truth that could be proven in a court of law) such as I weigh 153lbs and make it mean something to us like I’m so fat.    I have personally done this in my life so many times with so many different things not just around what I weigh.   When I was younger I used to weigh myself all the time and the number on the scale read so many different numbers from 160, 132, to 110 (at one point it even read 98).  Whatever the number on the scale was I continued for a long time to tell the same story about it – something like “I’m still so fat, I’m never going to be skinny enough, I can’t do anything right,  I’m always going to be fat no matter what I do, I hate my body.”  At that time in my life if I would have just tried to think positively about the number on the scale it wouldn’t have worked because I truly believed what I was telling myself was just the truth.  

I never realized that it was just a story not actual facts (only a believed truth to my mind).   If someone else saw those numbers on a scale and they could tell a whole different story.  The concept around powerful thinking is understanding that our minds are always going to take facts/events/circumstances and make it mean something (tell a story) to us.  This how we remember things through making it means something by attaching an emotion to it.  Whatever story we tell ourselves, our unconscious mind believes it to be the truth regardless if it’s positive or negative.   Once we understand that our minds are going to make up stories anyways, we might as well choose to tell ones that empower us and support who we want to be in the life we desire to live.

My story about the numbers on the scale definitely didn’t empower and support who I wanted to be and the life I wanted to live.   All it did was just make me feel sad and frustrated.   That’s why now I choose powerful thinking.   When I realize I’m telling a story (or notice that I’m complaining which is an excellent example of a story) I stop and ask “Is this empowering me (supporting me and the life I want) or disempowering me (non-supportive)?  Knowing that I’m just making this all up anyways, I prefer to choose thoughts that feel good and support me.   With the scale I realized it’s just a number and numbers have no meaning.   No matter what it reads I choose to tell the story that I love and appreciate my body and what it does for me.   I take care of it by eating nourishing foods and moving it daily while having fun (an essential in my life).

Test it out for yourself – decide to use powerful thinking when you notice that you are complaining or telling a story by asking yourself before repeating it to either yourself or others – do these thoughts empower & support me or does it disempower me?   If it’s not supporting you then choose to tell a story that does empower you and feels good.  

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