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8 Traits of an ExtraOrdinary Woman

8 TraitsAn extraordinary woman is a woman who is undefinable, has an air of mystery, exudes love and confidence, enjoys and loves life, follows her dreams and desire and doesn’t take herself or life too seriously.   She’s desirable, intriguing, and someone who believes in herself.   There’s a long list of qualities that can describe an extraordinary women and those qualities come from embodying these following traits.


She takes responsibility for her life.  Responsibility means she doesn’t complain about her life, other people, or circumstances/events.   She also doesn’t blame anything or anyone else for her life. She knows that she is the one who chooses and makes the decisions in her life and she owns that.  She accepts and acknowledges where she is right now in her life without judgment.  

She honors and values herself.  She knows her innate worth and knows it’s an absolute thing regardless of anything she has or hasn’t said or done.   Her opinion of herself is what matters most to her.   She celebrates who she is and what she does by acknowledging every thing from the littlest to the big.  She also loves and adores herself which is reflected in how she talks and takes care of herself.  

She empowers herself.   She knows that all of her power lies in her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. She allows herself to feel her all of her emotions with compassion and gentleness.   She chooses to be aware and responsible for what she thinks and believes and also for how she feels.   She deliberately chooses the thought, beliefs and feelings that empower and support who she wants to be and life she desires to live.  

She designs her day.  She knows that the only thing she really has is this present moment.  Life doesn’t happen to her, she deliberately designs it the way she wants it to be.   So she commits to making today the best day of her life by designing her day to include what she desires and loves.  (If you would love to know how to design your day – then check out The Daily Design  - it’s the easiest way to start loving your life now.)

She indulges in pleasure and play & follows her fun and joy.  She knows that in order to enjoy life it means indulging in what she deems pleasurable.  She also chooses to view what she does as playing on the playground of life.   She uses fun and joy as a guiding light for the next things she chooses to do in her life.  

She surrounds herself with quality & love.  She knows that everything has an energy to it and so she chooses to only purchase and allow into her environment those things that she loves.   She also releases things that are no longer serving her or feel like love and joy.  Her focus is on quality and love.

She sets boundaries and creates standards in her life.  She treats others and herself with the ut most respect, love and kindness and she expects this in return.  She sets boundaries and standards as to what and who she accepts and allows into her life.  

She deliberately creates her reality.  She knows who she wants to be and deliberately embodies it daily.   She knows the power of what she declares and intends for everything she chooses to do.   She knows what she wants her dreams and desires and she makes sure they are part of her journey.

All these traits are what make an extraordinary woman who she is in her own way.  For every extraordinary women, each of these traits looks and plays out differently in their life.  The main overall theme is that they are empowered, love life and love living it their way.

In the following posts, I will break down each of these traits in more detail.  If you would love to get started on embodying these traits in your own life – then i would love to help you click here to learn how we can work together.  

8 Traits of an ExtraOrdinary Woman

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