Cari Rauch

Are You Getting the Return on Life that You Want?

This may seem like an odd question because most of us have never heard of a return on life – though we have probably heard about a return on investment.   However, our return on life is so much more important but unfortunately we are less likely to examine it.  

The return on life is really a way to see how much we are enjoying and loving the choices we have made in our lives.  Our return on life consists of all of the things, the thoughts and beliefs, what we do and the people in our lives.  For some of us we may have a broad sense of how much we are enjoying our life, but using the return on life we can go deeper and see what may be really affecting our enjoyment.  

Return on Life 1

So here’s how to start seeing what kind of return you are getting:  Go through each area answering the questions listed and then rating each one.  Start with these questions – Does this add to the quality of my life, do I love and enjoy this, is it energizing or draining me?  Then based on your answers rate each one from 1 to 5 with 1 being you dislike it/drains you and 5 being you love it/adds joy to your life/energizes you (note this doesn’t mean it’s perfect).  

  • Relationships – list out all your important ones individually such as a partner, friends, and family members, coworkers, colleagues, clients, etc.  Look to see if you dread or can’t stand them (1) or do you love spending time & look forward to seeing them (5)  
  • Environment – list out where you live the location and space, things such as car, clothes, phone, computer, gadgets, home and anything you own or use in your life.  It helps to see if these things just take up space & drain you (1) or do you love having & use them all the time (5). 
  • Thoughts/Beliefs – list out what you believe about life in general, about yourself, about your life.   Look to see to those beliefs feel bad (1) or do they feel good & are these serving and empowering you in who you want to be and life you desire to live (5).
  • Self-Care/Spirituality – list out what you do just for you, how you take care of yourself, how you treat yourself (self-talk).  Look to see do you beat yourself up (negative self talk) & never prioritize yourself (1) to talk kindly to yourself, put yourself first, and do what you love (5).  
  • Health/Body – list out any daily body movement, kinds of food you eat regularly.  Look to see do you barely move your body (or hate doing what you are doing), eat food that doesn’t energize or overeat (1) to love to move your body, eat food that energizes you (5).  
  • Career/Work – list out main activities that you do.   Look to see do you hate going, don’t enjoy any of what you do (1) to love what you do, excited about each day (5).  
  • Finances – list where you spend & make your money.   Look at these to see do hate where you are spending your money (paying bills) or how you are making money (1) to do you love where your money goes and love how money comes in (5)
  • Extras – list out anything like volunteering, hobbies, other activities you do.   Look to see do you feel obligated, don’t feel you have time to do anything fun or no interest (1) to loving the activities, or look forward to it & incorporate time for it in your life (5). 

Once you’ve completed the overview, notice which areas overall you are less than a 4.   This area is the one you would want to start changing what you are choosing to focusing on and do some releasing. And if you have many areas then the easiest place to start is with your thoughts and beliefs.  In the next post I will offer ideas on how to increase our ROL (return on life).  

If all of this feels overwhelming or you would love some clarity on how to start getting the best return on your life – the click here and check out The Daily Design options – it’s one of the best ways to get support and make the changes to start loving your life.

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