Cari Rauch

Dare to Declare – 30 Day Challenge

DDC - ChallengeHave you ever stop to notice what you think and talk (what you are declaring) about on a daily basis? Most of us are on autopilot about what we are declaring about ourselves, our lives and the world.   Declarations are what we are currently thinking and talking about and for most those declarations aren’t serving us.    

An easy way to know what you are declaring is to notice how you feel on daily basis.   Our thoughts create our feelings.  So if a majority of your time you aren’t feeling good, then what you are declaring (talking and thinking about every day) isn’t empowering you.   

Most of us would rather be declaring things that empower us to live the life we desire and help us to feel good.   However, our minds are made to be efficient and that means it’s going to consistently go back to what we normally think and believe because it’s the easiest and takes the least amount of energy.   It requires us to practice consistently being aware and changing our focus so that our dominant focus is one that feels good.  

In every moment we can choose to focus on what feels good or what doesn’t feel good.  That is why I created the 30 day challenge to help us deliberately choose to see the good.   If we want to feel better about ourselves, our lives and the world then we have to choose to focus on the good and declare it daily.  

The Dare to Declare Challenge is starting March 9 on Facebook & Pinterest & Google Plus (but you can start any day on here on Pinterest)  Each day there will be a new phrase to complete that is going to help us focus on what we love and enjoy about ourselves, our lives and the world.  Complete the phrase as least once and if your truly daring complete statement 10 times each day to receive a greater impact on your life.  The more you can get your mind to find the good and to search for it the easier it gets and eventually it will be automatic.  

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