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Discover Your Value

How much do you think you and your life are worth?  How valuable do you think you are?   These are some pretty challenging and provocative questions.   Even though we might not think about it in the way the questions are asked, for most of us we tend to have some wired programming of “I’m not good enough” running through our minds (sometimes viewed as lack of confidence or low self-esteem).

For some it can be an overall statement about who we are as a human being and for others it only applies to certain areas of our lives.   I’ve had times where “I’m not good enough” seemed to be my overall statement that ran behind everything in my life.  There also have been times when it’s only been when I was trying to face some of my fears that I felt like I just wasn’t good enough to overcome them.   It’s a sneaky belief that a lot of us have in common.  

So how do we uncover our value?   The truth is by coming to understand that we and our lives are priceless and are truly invaluable.   So how do we get our minds to understand this?  By finding the evidence of it.   Here’s how I was able to figure out how to find the evidence.  It started when I came across a concept that said everything has a price – meaning you and everything in your life has a price tag.   And well I don’t necessarily agree with this concept – I decided to play with it.  What I discovered was pretty amazing and eye opening.  

Here’s how you can try it out yourself:  

  • Examine every Material Thing you Own –  put it down and an estimated price.  
  • Examine Your Relationships – list every family member and friend you’ve ever had and write out how much would someone have to pay you to let go of that relationship or to have never had that relationship.   Then write out how much you’ve helped them (estimate an amount if they would have had to pay a professional to talk to and get advice or actually services you helped them with such as moving).  
  • Examine all your Volunteer and Charity activity – estimate everything thing you’ve ever done for a stranger (open doors, gave a jump for there car, gave a compliment, etc), time you’ve put in for an organization, money & items you’ve donated.
  • Examine Your Work – take every job and how much you’ve been paid, along with how much you helped the organization succeed (example I use to audit and get money returned back to the business from thousands to over a million dollars for hundreds of audits).  
  • Examine all your Skills and Talent – how much you paid & time spent to learn those and estimate a price (such as school, music, dance, computer skills, cooking, etc).  
  • Examine your Health – start attaching a price for how much you would pay to keep your body parts (or how much you would take to let them go such arms, legs, eye sight, etc) and also how much would you pay to stay healthy (free of disease – illness – pain).  
  • Examine what you’ve Spent – when you buy something you are giving value to those who made it – run through how much you’ve spent on food, clothing, cars, rent, house, etc that has gone to contribute to others over your lifetime.  

Here were my results – as I started attaching an amount to all those things my total just kept getting bigger and bigger.   I saw that I hadn’t even gotten through half of the process and my amount was in the hundreds of billions. I discovered even more things that I could add to the list and attached a price.  

So I didn’t actually finish this game because what I realized and discovered while doing this process was my total amount was always going to infinitely grow because I would continue to have more and more to add to it.    So in the end I truly saw the evidence that my life and myself are truly priceless and invaluable.  Go through this process and see what you discover – your worth and value are so much more than you ever realized.

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