Cari Rauch

How to Be in Control of Your Life

Most of us want to be in control of our lives, but at times it seems like we have no control over anything.  This is one of the biggest myths we tend to tell ourselves.   We actually have control over so much and in fact we have control over the most important aspect of our lives.   However, most of the time we try to control everything outside of us – other people, animals, events, and situations with very little results. This feeds into our belief that we don’t have any control.  We forget about what is truly in our control.

We have control over our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, reactions, attitude, decisions and our behaviors.   This may not seem like a lot but in reality it’s everything because the only reason we want to control anything is because we think it will make us “feel” something (essentially in control or happy).  And our feelings are in our control.  

Here’s how to get started:  

Take Responsibility.  When you take responsibility you stop complaining about everything and everyone.  When you complain you are allowing whatever it is to control you (essentially control how you feel).  Taking responsibility also means you stop blaming (including yourself) and acknowledge that the choices you made in your life were best you could make at that time.  

Honor and Respect Yourself.   Treat yourself kindly and compassionately in how you talk to yourself and how you take care of yourself.   This means dropping judgments and supporting your own decisions.  When you treat yourself like someone you love, respect, and honor it empowers you.  

Be Aware of Your Thoughts/Beliefs.  One of main reasons we feel so out of control is because our mind is constantly repeating thoughts and beliefs which we usually aren’t aware of that don’t feel good.   We think it’s something outside us of that is causing us to feel bad and that is why we try to control it.   When really it’s our thoughts and belief that are causing our feelings.  And when we become aware of those thoughts and beliefs then we can start taking our control back.

Deliberately Choose.   Decide what you want to think and how you want to feel each day.  This will help you stay in control of your life.   It reminds you of your power and that you always have a choice regarding everything in your life.

Being in ControlBeing in control of your life means you decide how you are going to feel, think, believe, act, and behave no matter what happens or what others do or say.  And when you start being in control, then you get to design and live a life you love now.  

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