Cari Rauch

How to Find Your Way Back to Fun

I think we would all like to have a little more fun in our lives.   For some of us, we may not think its possible with all the stuff we have going on.   For the rest of us we don’t know or not really sure what fun is any more – it almost feels elusive.  I used to be in the second boat.   I was really unsure of what fun was any more and I didn’t know where to begin either.     

How I found my way back to fun started with digging into my past experiences and incorporating my life coach training.  What I’ve come to realize and discovered is that fun is partly a feeling and partly who you are being.   Fun is a personal thing and no one can tell you how to experience it – it can’t be found in a list of things and events. It is something that is up to each of us to decide and to deliberately choose.  

Here’s how you can start finding your fun and adding it back into your life:  

  1. Dig into your past experiences – write out every time you can remember having fun.  
  2. Ask yourself why were these fun?  (This is going to help you see what you were thinking about these events – these can be used for future events).
  3. Uncover what sounds like fun, what looks like fun right now (create a board on Pinterest called “Fun” and start searching and adding images that represent fun to you or create a fun basket and write out on post its those ideas  or tear out magazine clippings and add these to the basket).
  4. Before any event or at the beginning of your day decide if you want to have fun.
  5. Once you’ve decide then set a declaration that you are going to have fun.  (This is just a thought you can use to focus on to help you feel the fun.  Use the thoughts you listed in #2 or create your own.   It can be simply “I’m letting lose and choosing to have fun tonight.”)
  6. Start adding and doing some of things you’ve pinned on your boards or added in your basket  (Close your eyes and point to one or draw from your basket).

Life is meant to be Fun.

Anything and everything can be fun -it’s a choice just like every other feeling.  It all starts with your thoughts.   I truly know this is actually possible.   When I went to college for my accounting degree, my least favorite class was tax class.   I hated taxes – I didn’t even like doing my own taxes even though I always got a refund.  However, later in my life I was actually able to have fun preparing other people’s tax returns (yes you read that right.)  

Taxes didn’t change – what truly changed was my thinking and ultimately how I chose to feel about it.  Believe me I would have never thought in a million years that I would have fun doing taxes – actually I thought that was impossible.   But now I know that anything is possible including choosing to have fun whenever I want.  Finding our way back to fun always starts with deliberately choosing and making it a part of our life.  

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