Cari Rauch

How to Increase Your Return on Life

Last time we dove into seeing what kind of return we are getting – so if you haven’t check that out then head over here first.   The return on life is about how much we are loving and enjoying our life along with everything and everyone we have chosen to include in it.   So when we have an area in our life that isn’t giving us the highest rate of return – this is the time we want to explore it further so that we can change that.  

Here are some ways we can start to increase our rate (start with one area that is the easiest so I recommend that you don’t start with the one that had the lowest rating).  

  1. Release & Let it Go.   Sometimes what needs to be changed is simply letting go of things that we are holding onto that are draining and aren’t serving us.  One of the easiest areas to start with is usually our environment – it’s pretty amazing what can happen when you release things that you don’t absolutely love or that constantly have your attention that don’t feel good.  
  2. Deliberately Choose.   Decide what you truly want for this area of your life and write out what does it look and feel like (you can use your list of what you don’t want & write the opposite).  And when you add things/people into your life stop and ask yourself do you truly love this and will it add to your life.  Or ask is it something that is going to benefit and increase your enjoyment out of life?  (Only allow those things/people that truly increase your return on life).  
  3. Maintaining.  This is about keeping yourself focused on what you want and how you feel about it.  It’s also about having high standards on what you keep in your life and allow in.   Set some standards and be aware of how you are feeling to catch when you start not enjoying something on a regular basis (we all occasionally have a unpleasant day – it’s more about when the one day turns into many days that we want to be on the look out for).  
  4. Re-evaluate.  Every so often check in, go over and re-rate the areas in your life.  So that you can continue to make any adjustments necessary to ensure you are getting the best possible return on life.  


There isn’t an exact science with all of this – what this is really meant to do is to uncover what you are feeling and if you are choosing to surround yourself with what feels good to you.  This is also meant to be a tool to be curious with so that you can get clarity and more enjoyment out of your life.  

So if any of this seems challenging – drop it or get support. This is the exact thing coaching can help you with so that you can start enjoying your life now.    If you are unsure of where to begin, I have some great ways to get started just click here

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