Cari Rauch

How to Make the Biggest Difference in the World

I think there is a running theme that most of us have for our lives and it’s that we want to make a difference in the world.  However, most of us have a backwards concept about what that means.   We think that in order to make a difference we have “do” something extraordinary when that is actually the farthest thing from the truth.  

It has nothing to do with what we “do” as in actions, but has everything to do with who we are being (and essentially feeling consistently).   Most of us know who Mother Teresa is but if I were to ask you what did she do – could you answer that question (without searching in google).  

For myself I have some idea what she did – it was around helping the poor and children but I couldn’t really tell you what actions she took.  Now if instead I were to ask you what kind of person was Mother Teresa – I bet most of you would know the answer to that.   She was a loving, kind, caring and compassionate woman.  

The difference she made in the world didn’t come from her actions she took instead the impact she had came from who she was being.   If she had been a bitter and unhappy person who took the same actions – she wouldn’t have the same impact that she did on the world.  In fact if she would have been a bitter and unhappy person she probably would have taken different actions.  


The lasting impact doesn’t come from our actions but from the energy (our feelings and who we are being) we our giving out.   So if we want to make the biggest difference in the world – it starts by choosing to be a person who loves life and who chooses happiness and joy.   It requires practicing feeling the best that we can every day and stepping into the person we desire to be because that’s how we change the world.  Making the difference within ourselves is what makes the greatest difference in the world. 

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