Cari Rauch

Living – Just for the Joy of It

Just for the Joy of itThere’s an old jingle from Diet Coke that goes like this “Just for the taste of it, (diet coke)”.  Now you might be thinking what does that have to do with joy of living – interestingly it has everything to do with it.  It’s just not clearly stated that way. Here’s the thing a lot of us were taught that joy comes from once we accomplish/acquire things like setting goals & then making them happen or buying new clothes, a car or a house.

In essence, we were taught to live for the results and then once we get those results that is what brings us to joy.   However, living this way brings very short lived joy. Here are some examples – going to school to get the diploma or degree, exercising or dieting to lose weight, applying for jobs to get money, saving money to buy a car, basically doing something to get something.  

There’s nothing wrong with this but what I’ve noticed for myself and my clients that when this is how you live your life it constantly feels like it’s never enough and something is missing.  What’s missing is the Joy of Living.  

When your focus is on a result such as a losing weight – your life becomes centered around it.  You start trying to figuring what you need to do in order “make it happen”.   You start doing things such as forcing yourself to exercise and cutting out all the so called “bad food”.   You start setting up all these expectations and any time you fall short you beat yourself up.   You remind yourself you’re doing this for the result or goal (being a certain size or weight) & press on.   Sometimes you succeed and experience the short burst of feeling the joy of your accomplishment.  Other times you fail and never get to experience any joy from it.  

It’s such a backwards way to living life.   What we are all really after is the feeling of joy not the result. When you start living for just the joy of it – the result becomes the cherry on top or the delightful bonus.   So what does living just for the joy of it look like – well it means you do things just for the joy of doing it.   Just like the jingle you enjoy the drink for the taste of it – not because it’s going to help with your diet or end your thirst (this is the delightful bonus) but because you enjoy the drinking of it.  

Now imagine that you did everything in your life this way – how would your life change?  I can guarantee that you would be loving your life and it would start to feel very magical.  

Here’s how to get started living just for the joy of it:  

Set a Declaration – I am choosing to do things in my life for the joy it.

Become aware before you do something and ask yourself am I doing this for the joy of it or am I just looking for the result?  If it’s not for the joy of it – ask yourself is there a way I can enjoy this?  

Make the Decision – decide that no matter what you are going to choose to focus on enjoying what you are doing.

Start Adding More Joy – somethings are easy to enjoy & deliberately adding them into your day will help you start living for the joy of it.  A great way to get started is to head over to Facebook & join the The Pure Joy of Living game I’ve started to help you add more joy into your life.  

The Joy of Living doesn’t necessarily mean you are perfectly joyful all the time.   What it does mean is that you make joy your primary focus in your life.   And that all starts with shifting your mind and attention so that you see and intentionally experience joy every step of the way.  Because in the end that is all we are really after anyways.  

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