Cari Rauch

Simple Steps to Guarantee Success

Simple StepsThis may seem like a bold statement since everything we read and hear makes it seem like there’s no way to really guarantee success.   We believe that statement as if it’s a fact, but it’s not.  There really is a way to guarantee success.  How can that be? The reason is because success is a feeling not an outcome.   And all feelings (happy, mad, sad – even success) are always available to us at every moment.  

Most of us have been lead to believe that when we have x, y & z such as money, the career and certain things in life then that will mean we are successful.   However, there are many people who have those exact things and they don’t see themselves as successful.   That’s because it has nothing to do with those things.

Our thoughts create our feelings.  So if we are wanting to feel successful then we have to think thoughts that cause us to feel that way – plain and simple.  Right now most of us have success linked to a specific outcome whether it’s once we reach a certain level in our careers, making a certain about of money, or having it all (the house, the car, the money, the career, the family, etc.) – we each have our own definition.  However, we are always expanding and growing essentially wanting more in our lives so that outcome is always going to be changing.  And what happens is success seems elusive – it becomes something we rarely or never actually experience (aka feel).

 Here’s how to guarantee success:

  1.  Redefine Success.  Let go that success is an outcome and start seeing success as a feeling and part of who you are.   Success can be deliberately choosing how we want to think and feel no matter what while moving toward our dreams and desires.    Success can be choosing who we want to be and showing up the best way we know how in each moment.
  2.  Uncover what you truly want.   Those items or outcome you thought were going to make you feel successful – list them out and then ask why you want them.  Keep asking why for every answer until you uncover the feeling you are truly after.  Everything we are ever wanting always boils down to a feeling.
  3.  Deliberately choose to feel those feelings each day (in question #2).  It’s our thoughts that create our feelings so when we decide we want to feel a certain way such as “happy” then we need to focus on thoughts that make us feel that way.   The easiest way to start feeling happy is to find things to appreciate in your life and in your surroundings.
  4. Celebrate life.   At night write out what you loved about yourself and what you did that day.   These thoughts are going to help evoke the success feeling and the more you can give your mind the evidence of it each night – the more you’re going to enjoy the feeling of it.   It can be as simple as “I got out of bed and choose who I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel today. “

We can choose to feel successful whenever – it’s always an option.   That doesn’t always mean we have to feel that way or would even want to feel that way all the time.   Part of being human and living life is getting to experience all the range of emotions.  But the great news is the choice is always in our control which means that we are always the one who is guaranteeing our success. 

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