Cari Rauch

Turn Your Pain into Power

So I was listening to The Script’s new song the other day called Superheroes and there’s a line in it “Every day, every hour, Turn that Pain into Power” which inspired this post.   It got me thinking just what exactly does that mean and how do we do that.  A lot of the pain we experience in our lives is emotional pain.   And I know for myself that sometimes that emotional pain has felt worse than any physical pain I’ve ever been in.  

Pain Power

So how can we turn that into power?   Well learning how to feel through our pain is how we do it.   When we can feel the pain, be with it and move through it – that’s when we have turned it into power.   We become unstoppable – literally superheroes of our own lives.   Because when we are willing to feel any emotion even the most painful ones – we stop resisting and fighting against them and we start living.  We take risks, follow our dreams and desires, and experience new things since we know if we happen to experience any pain along the way that we have the power to change it.  The joy of living is being able to experience all the multitudes of emotions.   Experiencing the pain gives us openness to experience the joy.   

There are many ways we can turn our pain into power, here is just one:  

When you notice you are feeling a pretty painful emotion sit down and imagine you’re going to go on a ride like a roller coaster -It’s the Pain Into Power Coaster.  You are going to deliberately choose to get on (and experience the sensations in your body) and just like any ride you know there’s an end to it.   So while you are on this coaster you’re going experience the ride by letting out what’s going through your mind (either talk or write it out) -explain why you think you’re in pain, what it feels like, where you are experiencing it in your body, what it represents to you – keeping going until you notice the shift in your body (the sensations in your body have left or changed and you feel like the coaster has come to a stop).  

It’s important to remember that it’s our thoughts that create our emotions so to turn the pain (which was created by our thoughts) we need to release them and the sensation in our bodies.  Let go of any judgment and let it be okay that your in pain in this moment because allowing yourself that is what gives you the power to change your thoughts and ultimately your emotions.  In the end that is what you are wanting the power to end the pain and feel the joy and that power is always available to you.

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