Cari Rauch

Discover What Your Purpose Really Is

There’s a big push out there from a lot of gurus that we need to find our purpose or calling in life.  They make it out to be the biggest thing that we need to figure out about our life.  And if we don’t find or discover what it is then our lives will be meaningless and we won’t fulfill our potential of why we came here.   They also claim we will be unfulfilled and unhappy with our life if we don’t have one.  

This has never resonated with me – in fact it really used to irritate me because it seemed like if I never figured out what my “purpose” was then my life would be pointless and meaningless.   That felt horrible – trying to search and figure out what my “purpose” was and feeling hopeless that I was ever going to find it because I had no clue how to uncover it – even though I’ve done a lot those gurus’ work.  

Here’s what I discovered in the process – those gurus who have found their “purpose” (and think we should too) – what they really found was a thought that they choose to believe that feels good to them.  That’s it.   A “purpose” or “calling” is simply just a thought.  It’s not a fact – it’s not something everyone else will agree to that’s it’s true.  

Your “purpose” isn’t  pre-determined or preset, it isn’t limited to only one thing, it isn’t something you need to search and find, in fact it doesn’t even need to exist.   We don’t have to have a purpose – there are no absolutes in this world.  

Your Purpose is Your Choice.  


It’s a thought you choose to have and believe.  However, if you are going to choose to believe something then make sure that it feels good to you.  

Here’s where to get started:

  1. What do you believe about a “purpose” or “calling”?  What do you believe about your “purpose”?
  2. Is what you are believing feel good to you?

If those beliefs don’t feel good, then that is what needs to be changed.  So ask yourself – What can I believe right now that feels good about my purpose?    So if it feels good to believe that there is no purpose – then choose that.   If it feels good to believe that no matter what you doing you are always living your purpose then choose that one.   It truly doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it feels good to you (not the gurus).  

You’re welcome to use mine – here’s what I believe:   We are all already living our purpose from the day we are born until we die and that purpose is to just “Be” and experience life.  For myself I choose to experience my life as a love, joy, fabulous, and fun filled adventure along with being who I want to be in each moment.    

Your purpose boils down to just being a thought that you choose to believe about yourself and life.   So choose to believe something that makes you feel good and empowers you to live the life you desire.  

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