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Post Card2 I used to follow what I thought I was suppose to do – the generic and conventional life path.  Now I choose to follow my dreams and desires – it’s the unconventional and unique life path which has me…..  

message2That is exactly what I coach and empower my clients to do with their own lives including delighting in their everyday experiences, indulging in pleasure and play, and creating memories that last a lifetime.   (I’m incredibly blessed because it’s the best career ever and I’m absolutely love every minute of it.)

But that wasn’t always how I lived my life, there was a time when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I questioned everything I wanted, and I had a hard time making decisions.  I just thought life was a series of events that we just lived through and then one day we get to retire and actually enjoy life  (what little life we had left).   It wasn’t until I had major event happen in my life that started the shift in how I viewed and lived my life.  

That event was over eight years ago – my cousin died at the age of 16 which had a profound affect on me in many ways.  I started to understand that we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow let alone some perceived “retirement” and that if we don’t start enjoying our life now we may never get the chance.  It all started with hiring a life coach and diving into the self development world.  

What I eventually learned through those many years working with a coach and experimenting with my life was that I figured out who I was and wanted to be and also what I wanted for my life.   I also began trusting and believing in myself that I knew what was right for me.   I let go of listening to what other people were telling me about how should be and how I should live my life.  

During this time I decided to become a certified life coach because of the huge impact it had on my life.  Along the way I discovered that the life I desired wasn’t the conventional path – it was radically different which I call the ExtraOrdinary Life Adventure (click here to learn more about this).  

My ultimate belief is:

Belief quote

My commitment to you is to deliver incredible and unconventional ways to fall in love with life and design a life you love through my blog, coaching products and experiences that I offer.  It’s the best of what I am living and also learning on how to continually fall in love with life and design a life I love – which includes my successes and mistakes.

If you are interested in learning how to fall in love with life and design your own extraordinary life – then head over here to get started.

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