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Discover if Who are You Being & Is it Helping to Make Your Dreams Come True

Are you the Actor in your life or are you the Reactor to your life?  This may seem like a strange question but it’s an important one.  Knowing which one you are can help understand why you are where you are in your life and it can also help you transform it.   For a majority of my life I used to be the reactor in most areas anyways and didn’t even know it.   Frankly, I didn’t even know I had a choice.  

Being a reactor is fairly common; however, it’s very disempowering because we are literally reacting to life instead of choosing to live life.    Here’s some important distinctions between the two.  

A Reactor  

  • believes things or life happens to them.  
  • They react by complaining about the things that happen.  
  • They blame others for how they are,  how they feel and how their life turned out.  
  • They don’t think it possible to change.  
  • They don’t feel like they have any control in their life.  

An Actor

  • believes they create their life.  
  • They choose who they want to be.  
  • They know they are responsible for how they feel (they are the ones creating it).  
  • They know they can change anything if they want to.  
  • They feel in control of their life.  
  • They choose what they want to think, believe and how they want to feel.    

Another way to see this is like an actual Actor (movie/theater/TV) – they choose their roles and the characters they play.   They decide how they are going to portray this character by knowing what they think, feel, behave, mannerism, expressions, etc.   It’s not random – it’s deliberate.   This is why we want to be the actor in our life because we get to be in control and we get to choose –  not only that but it’s a more fun and enjoyable way to live and also get what we want.    

If you are wanting more meaningful and loving relationships, a healthy and fit body you love, a career that you love, financial abundance, or more fun, laughter and enjoyment in your life – then you will want to learn how to be the actor in your life and stop being a reactor.  

Actor Reactor


Here’s a quick way to start being the Actor in your life:

Learn to appreciate and let go of complaining and blaming.   Notice any time you start to complain or blame – stop and remind yourself to appreciate something (it doesn’t need to be about the thing your complaining about or the person either – it can be as simple as appreciating the sun, fresh air, being alive.)  

Being the Actor of our life is how we create the life we dream of – it’s done by making the choice.    Who do you want to choose to be – the Actor or Reactor?   

If you would love to learn how to be an actor in your life instead of a reactor then I have an incredible product that can guarantee just that – It’s called the Foundation to Getting Anything – you can get it here.

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