Cari Rauch

How to Get Everything You Want

For some this might sound like an impossible thing, since most of us have been told or at least heard that you can’t get everything you want.  There’s even a song about it – probably more than one.   I used to think that it was true too but not any more.  It truly is possible to get everything you want.  It’s actually pretty simple but at times it’s not always the easiest.  

It all starts with knowing what you want.  For some this is pretty easy, you can easily list out a majority of what you want in and for your life.   For others, this maybe a bit more challenging.   If you don’t know what you want, start by writing out what you don’t want in and for your life (this is usually pretty easy).  Then once you’re done go back through and write the exact opposite.  So for an example if you don’t want to be single then you change that to “to being in a loving & caring relationship” or “having a loving partner”.   Once you’ve got your list you can move on to the next step.  

The next step can be done in two ways so whichever way is easier for you to answer do that option.  Take your list and for each item ask yourself “Why do I want this?”.  Keep asking the question until you discover a feeling.   The other option is take each item and ask yourself “How do I think I will feel once I have this?”  Once you’ve gone through your whole list & uncovered the feelings you are after – congratulate yourself.   You now have the key to giving yourself everything you want.  

Now you might be wondering how this new list could be the key to getting everything you want.   Here’s the thing the only reason we ever want anything in our lives is because we think it will bring us a feeling.   So what we are all truly wanting in our lives are just feelings (we just attached it to things, people & events).  The great news is our feelings are in our control and we can change them at any moment we choose to.  

Our feelings are created by our thoughts, beliefs and stories.   So by finding the thoughts, beliefs and stories that create the feelings on your list, this is going to give you what you are truly wanting.  So here’s how to start generating those feelings.   Pick one feeling and ask yourself “what would I need to think and believe in order to feel this?” or another option is to ask “what would someone who already has this (the item your wanting) be thinking and believing?”    Then start focusing on feeling that emotion every day deliberately (sidenote: you don’t have to think about what you want so if thinking about a puppy makes you feel happy use that.) 

Start giving yourself what you are truly wanting today and stopping waiting. You hold the key and have the power to give yourself everything you are wanting right now.  Once you start feeling those emotions that you are truly wanting, I can guarantee the actually things, people or events will start showing up in your life usually sooner than you think.  

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