Cari Rauch

Radiate Your Best Self

I had an event the other night with a group of women where I had each of them stand up to tell us about themselves. Then after they sat down the rest of us had to give a compliment to the women who had just got done talking about herself. And the woman who was receiving the compliments had to acknowledge each one by saying thank you. Here’s the thing not everyone knew each other, there were some of us that had just met each other that night along with some that knew no one.

It was an eye opening experience. Some found that giving the compliments difficult especially being that last person after 11 others had gone. Also not knowing anything about the other person except for what they just told us made it challenging too. Others found it really difficult to accept the compliments that were being said to them.

For myself, it was incredibly easy to give compliments even to those I didn’t know because I’ve practiced that a lot (not out loud though). I look for things about others that I love or enjoy because it feels so good. However, it was fascinating to me that it was slightly uncomfortable to accept the compliments though by the end it got easier. It was an incredible night being able to hear what others saw in me along with what others saw in each other.

But I have to say the best part of the night was when one woman took it to a whole another level. She literally was radiating her best self. She stood up and claimed she doesn’t care what other people think of her. And this was truly evident because she started talking about how awesome she is (literally she listed off the great things about herself) and also the great things about her life. Then when she got done she stated bring on the compliments.

I was so enamored with her and was loving every minute of it. I thought there’s a women who has fallen in love with not only herself but with life. This is honestly how I wished everyone would be able talk about themselves and their life because it’s such an amazing energy to experience – she truly was radiating from the inside out.

It maybe assumed that she just has a perfect life and everything was going right for her; however, this is far from the truth. She had shared with me that things weren’t perfect, she had a lot going on and it was a bit messy. But here’s why she was radiating her best self – it was because for the most part she’s got her mind focused on what she’s loving about herself and her life right now.

This is where our power is and how we radiate our best self. It’s about choosing to focus on what feels good in every moment. In order to start radiating that energy we have to start shifting our focus to what feels good to us.

Your Power
It’s simple to get started:

Begin by becoming aware of where you’re focused and ask yourself if it feels good. If it doesn’t feel good then start to deliberately choose to focus on what does feel good to you. That can be as easy as start finding something to appreciate around you. Then repeat throughout your day.

There will be a tipping point when you notice that a majority of your time you are choosing to focus on that which feels good to you and that’s when you will be radiating your best self.

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