Cari Rauch

Start Investing to Transform Your Life

InvestmentThere’s this great quote from Neville, “You must stop spending your thoughts, your time, and your money.  Everything in life must be an investment.”   It’s quite brilliant but it’s definitely not how most people are living. Partly because most people don’t understand the true difference between spending and investing and partly because we’ve never been taught to think about it in that way.    

When most of us think about investing it’s usually about money.   We use money to acquire something such as a house or stock & bonds that we believe is going to give us a return usually more money back than we originally put in.   When we think about spending it can be around money such as buying things but also it can be around our time.    Most of the time investing feels good; however, depending how we are thinking about it spending often doesn’t feel so good.  

To really understand the brilliance behind Neville’s quote, we have to understand the differences between spending & investing.   Spending means to use up or consume, to waste, to dispose of or pay out.   Investing means to put to use for a profit or reward, to devote for a purpose or to achieve something, to infuse, furnish or endow with a power or quality.    

Looking at it from this perspective – which do you currently do – spend or invest?  Are you spending your thoughts? (wasting them on ones that don’t feel good) or Are you investing your thoughts? (using them to feel good & expecting a return).  

If you want to transform your life – then Neville’s right – you need to start choosing to invest your thought, your time & your money in the life you want to be living.   It’s easy to get started.   Start by noticing why you are doing something & choose to see it as an investment.  

Here are some examples:  

  1. I’m choosing to drink lots of water because I’m investing in my health & my body.
  2.  I’m choosing to take a bath because I’m investing in taking loving care of myself.  
  3. I’m choosing to dance because I’m investing in my joy filled life.
  4.  I’m choosing to go to work because I’m investing in my financial freedom.  

Everything we do is choice and we get to choose how we see it.   Choose to view everything as an investment and you will immediately transform your life – it will start with feeling better and better and then it will move to you manifesting & living the life you’ve dreamed of.  Get started today to start reaping the benefits & rewards now. 

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