Cari Rauch

The Answers are Hidden in Your Beliefs


Have you ever wondered why we act the way we do, why we say the things we say, why our lives are they way they are, and how we became who we are?   I have mainly because I’m an incredibly curious person and always trying to figuring things out.   And what I’ve come to discover is that the answer to all these questions are held in our beliefs.

Our beliefs about ourselves, our lives, everyone and everything around us become the story of our life .  Whether the belief originated with ourselves or we took it on from someone else, it doesn’t matter once we believe it – it becomes our truth.  These truths (beliefs) affect how we view everything we see in our life.    They actually become filters for our minds.  

Imagine that our beliefs are like tinted sunglasses and with each belief the tint changes.    There’s never a time that we aren’t wearing them and when we view things in our lives they get colored and blocked by the tinted sunglasses.  Essentially our beliefs (the tint or color) affect how we interpret everything and what we can actually see.   So if someone had grey tinted sunglasses (let’s say that they had the belief “life is hard”), then everything they see is going to have a grey tint to it and it also prevents them from seeing other colors.  This means they are going to interpret everything they see as evidence of why ‘life is hard”.  It’s also going to block them from seeing evidence that “life is easy”.  But just because our beliefs color our world view doesn’t mean we want to give up on having them.

Beliefs can be amazing when they support us in who we want to be and how we want to live.   However, some of our beliefs block us from getting what we want, keep us stuck, and hold us back from our incredible potential.  This is why we want to uncover our beliefs so that we can unlock our answers and figuring out which beliefs are supporting us and which ones aren’t.   

A quick and easy way to figure this out is to simplely take some time and write out what you believe about each subject below:

  • You/Who You Are
  • How Life Works/How Your Life Works
  • Men/Women
  • Your Family
  • Your Friends
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Work/Your Career
  • Your Body
  • Health & Fitness
  • Significant Other/Partner

The subject can be specific to your life or it can just be general, you will get amazing insights either way or you can do both.  Though I recommend you only do one subject at a time.   Once you’re done, go through your list and highlight the ones that support and help you move toward the life you want to live.  A simple way to tell if your belief is supporting you is to ask yourself “Does it feel good when I think that belief?”.  If it doesn’t then it’s not supporting you.  Cross out the ones that aren’t supporting you and write out a new that you would like to replace that one with. 

Remember we can choose to believe whatever we want in fact that’s what we already doing though unfortunately most of the time we choose unconsciously.   Everything we believe we think of it as the truth – even though it’s not.   Like the belief above “life is hard” – this is not a factual truth.   A factual truth is a neutral statement that everyone would agree is true and couldn’t be disputed.   But we don’t need to only believe in factual truths.   We can have our own personal truths (beliefs) as long as they feel good to us and support who we want to be and don’t bring us down or hold us back. 

Discovering what we believe can be incredibly life changing and help us understand why we are where we are today in our lives.   Once we do that then we can decide and choose what we want to believe which will allows us to expand who we are and invite unlimited possibilities into our lives.

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