Cari Rauch

How to View the Gap Between Where We Are & Where We Want to Be

In the UK, there’s a sign you will see a lot if you travel the subway system – it’s says “Mind the Gap”.   It’s an important sign for people to be aware that there is a gap or a space from the platform to the train.   But this sign is actually an important one for our lives.   

The reason this is so important is that most of our lives are lived within gaps or spaces.    Our lives are filled with them – it’s the space between where we are right now (which I’ll refer to as Point A) and where we want to be (which I’ll refer to as Point B).   

What happens is that eventually we get to Point B but as soon as we get there it turns back into Point A and we then create a new Point B.   The journey of life and a majority of our time happens between Point A and Point B.

Here are some examples from my own life: 

  • As a child – Point A was being in school and Point B was summer vacation.  
  • As a young adult – Point A was being in college and Point B was finding a career/job.  
  • Then came Point A of having a job that I didn’t enjoy and Point B was finding a job I loved.   
  • Then came the Point A of being tired of working for someone else and Point B was becoming an entrepreneur.     
  • My latest Point B is an online membership community called the ExtraOrdinary Life Playground.

Here’s the thing our point Bs are constantly changing and turning into our point As.   For most of us, we are wishing away the “gap” between the points – we want to be at our point Bs.   For myself I used to hate the gaps – I just desperately wanted to be at my point Bs.  Rarely was there a ton of joy when I got to the point Bs – if there was it was very short lived.   I didn’t realize that most of my life is spent in these spaces which meant most of my life I wasn’t enjoying.  

We lose out on so much enjoyment and fun when we don’t “Mind the Gaps” in our lives.   Minding the gap in our lives mean being aware that this is where our life is happening and it’s a reminder to enjoy and have fun with every day.  Because the points are just brief moments in our lives, our real living is in the gaps.

Are & Be

So the most important thing we can do is change how we view the gaps in our lives.   Make them some of the most memorable times of our lives, celebrate them, and love them.  Because only living for the points means we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy all the moments of our life.   It’s not the next point B that we are really wanting anyways – it’s just the feeling of joy and that can always be experienced in the gaps.    

If you would like to learn how you can start enjoying and loving the gaps in your own life,  then check out “The Foundation to Getting Anything” it can help you get there.

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