Cari Rauch

Loving Life RN4

Here’s the thing I’m not the typical life coach – I don’t do goal-setting, action plans, pushing to get more done or promote working harder – that’s not my style.  

What I offer is an Intriguing & Life Changing Alternative.

  It revolves around making today the best day of your life not someday in the future (because there are no guarantees of the future).

My coaching involves empowering my clients to daily design & live a life they love through helping them cultivate a lifestyle where they fall in love with life daily, indulge in pleasure and play, and follow their dreams & desires all the while delighting and enjoying each step of the way. 

 With all of the options that I offer I customize each one to what is going to best serve you where you are at now and help you to design the extraordinary life that you desire.  

One-on-One Coaching options:

single session 2The Daily Design Single Session – phone/Skype coaching.   This is one powerful session where we will uncover what you are truly wanting and discover mind play tools that will help you start living what you desire every day.  Details here..


Experience 2

The Daily Design Experience -  4 Weeks phone/Skype or email coaching  This experience goes deeper into who you want to be, what you are truly wanting and incorporating the powerful tools and experiments along with incredible loving support to help you continue to daily design a life you love.  Details here..

Immersion 2The Daily Design Immersion –  12 Weeks phone/Skype & email coaching.   This immersion is about empowering you to a new way of living and stepping into your desired lifestyle.   It’s about discovering the love and joy in every aspect of your life right now while journeying toward your dreams and desires. Details here..

If you are ready to get started or curious to learn more then please email me below (or to Schedule a Chat.  During this call we will talk about what you desire, where you are, what you want and uncover what is going to be the best option for you.

Do you have Questions?  Head over here and ask away.